Picking Your Bag: Punch Bag Comparison

Whilst Bytomic offer many different types of punch bags, some people aren’t aware what each one is specifically designed for and it can sometimes be confusing when looking to purchase a new one. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to punch bags, not all are the same and each can offer a different experience in your training sessions. It’s important to make the correct decision on which one to go for depending on your discipline- as this will ultimately determine your training goals.

Back to Basics with Heavy Bags

The traditional punch bags include heavy bags, speed bags and uppercut bags which are all still amongst the most popular today as they’re tried and tested and are actually very versatile between different sports. Without a doubt, the heavy bag is the most widely used punch bag in the world, and it’s no surprise. When training for strength for sports such as boxing and MMA, a heavy bag provides a high amount of resistance to aid muscle building and strength improvement.

Heavy bags usually come in two different types – standing and hanging. Standing punch bags are great if you need your punch bag to be portable as they can be placed upon a stand with wheels so they can be moved around the gym. They also have an advantage over hanging punch bags for kicking workouts. This is because the centre of gravity is towards the base making it sturdy and less likely to move around.


Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro Freestanding Punch Bag | £291.66 (ex VAT)

Hanging punch bags can be mounted to the ceiling on using a bracket on the wall. The main benefit of using a wall mount is space saving, however, you won’t have reach from all angles so you must weigh up your options carefully. Since the hanging punch bags are stabilised at the top and not at the base like the standing punch bags, they provide fantastic feedback during intense punching workouts.


Bytomic Hanging Punch Bag | Available in 3ft, 4ft and 5ft

Banana Bag

Banana bags are specially designed for Muay Thai, but share many of the same advantages of a heavy bag. They have been designed to be longer, almost touching the floor – this is to accommodate for Thai kicks. When the bag is kicked in this way, it curves like a banana – hence its name.


Century Muay Thai Heavy Bag | £140.83 (ex VAT)

Uppercut Bags

Whilst heavy bags are excellent for boxing workouts to improve strength, to improve your uppercut and hook technique you’re much better off with an uppercut punch bag, also sometimes referred to as a teardrop punch bag or angle bag. They have a bigger diameter at the top than the bottom – perfect for practicing strikes that start at the waist level and travel up to the chin.


Top Ten Uppercut Bag | £108.32 (ex VAT)

Speed Bags

As the name suggests, speed bags focus on timing rather than strength – also helping to improve the trainer’s eye co-ordination. They usually come in the form of an air filled bag surrounded by a vinyl or leather outer material which allows the bag to bounce back when hit. Often associated with quick punching workouts by fighters, speed bags are an essential piece of equipment for any boxing gym.


Century Reflex Floor to Ceiling Bag | £34.99 (ex VAT)

Body Punch Bags & Fight Simulators

A body punch bag should not be seen as a replacement for a traditional heavy bag, but one which will complement it well. A body punch bag is excellent for targeting shots to the head, neck and torso whilst offering a degree of realism which can improve your positioning and footwork. There are also a range of grappling dummies which are intended to improve your grappling and submission techniques.


Century Versys VS2 Fight Simulator | £391.66

Whichever punch bag you decide to go for, we’ve got an extensive range of each variation right here at Bytomic. If you require any expert help and advice regarding punch bags, give us a call on 0844 2720220 – where a friendly member of our team will be happy to take your call.


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