All about BOB: Century BOB and BOB XL Review

For those looking to step up their bag training, a realistic free standing grappling dummy is a versatile option for those wanting to train with something other than traditional heavy punch bags. The Century BOB is in a league of its own and is now one of the most popular grappling dummies in gyms around the world – and for good reason, so let’s get started.

The Century BOB is made from premium urethane high-density foam which is excellent for absorbing even the most punishing blows, and it can be filled with either water or sand. This is the really boring bit, but the good news is that the base is incredibly easy to fill, and we’d recommend opting for water if you’re going to be transporting the Century BOB from station to station, as this will be much easier to empty than sand. The Century BOB can be adjusted quickly up or down depending on the height of the user, with basic heights ranging from 60-78 inches. This is practical as it allows fighters from a range of ages to train with BOB, and it also allows you to shift the training dynamic by setting up BOB to practice for an array of angled strikes and blows by simply adjusting the BOB’s height.

century-bob-155x300 1

Now we’ve got the basic specs out of the way, it’s time to look at the real advantages of training with the Century BOB, and why the BOB is definitely worth the money for those looking for an effective way to keep fit, or hone their fighting techniques. Obviously the main advantage over a heavy bag and other training bags, is that you’re striking a realistic human torso. This completely shifts the dynamic of bag training as you’ll now have the opportunity to target specific body parts, improving your accuracy. Boxing fans and fans of MMA, and those looking to emulate Bas Rutten, will enjoy digging in vicious liver shots; whilst traditional martial artists can lock in on pressure points and weak spots in the upper body.

Century BOB XL

The Century BOB XL sports all of the features we love in the Century BOB, but the XL also includes a thigh area which is brilliant for fighters looking to practice kicks and knee strikes (or low blows if you want to try out your best Ric Flair impression). That mean scowl remains etched into XL BOB’s face, and the extra surface area you get with the XL is great news for practitioners of Taekwondo, BJJ and Muay Thai as you’re able to get in an all round workout without relying on a sparring partner.

101692-2T (1) 2

Buying the Century BOB online with Bytomic

The Century BOB would be an excellent addition to any home gym or dojo, and is currently used by many of the top names in the world of combat sports as part of their training regimes. The incredibly realistic human target is versatile enough to be used as part of a session for boxing and a range of MMA disciplines. It’s also important to keep in mind that there are a lot of imitation BOBs out there, made cheaply with inferior materials which will break down after a few uses; when you shop online with Bytomic, you can rest assured that you’re getting the real deal and we stand behind each of our products.

Get in touch with our experienced team for assistance in ordering a Century BOB or Century BOB XL, for retailers or those looking to buy in bulk, apply for a Bytomic Trade Account to see if you’re eligible for a trade discount.


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